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 Post subject: Error:DXC_Texture
PostPosted: Thu Nov 25, 2010 9:36 am 

Joined: Thu Nov 25, 2010 7:53 am
Posts: 2
i know this is similar to the czech issue, but the fix for that did not work.

same fault by all appearances, crash upon trying to enter the garden.

am running Win7 64bit and its the steam version of the game.

Program entrance(Time:0.00, free sysmem:1976)
=== SystemInfo ===
Local Time: 5:04 PM Date: 25/11/2010
CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU 960 @ 3.20GHz (3.21 GHz)
RAM: 1976/4087 MB
OS: Windows Vista/Server2008
Current directory: 'e:\games\steam\steamapps\common\avencast'
DXC_Gfx initialised(Time:0.34, free sysmem:1972)
game.cfg loaded(Time:0.34, free sysmem:1972)
Window init(Time:0.36, free sysmem:1969)
Realtek audio card found - switched to software device(Time:0.37, free sysmem:1969)
DXC Objects created(Time:0.37, free sysmem:1969)
=== D3D Info ===
DX version: at least 9.0 (with d3dx9_30.dll)
Driver: atklumdisp.dll
Description: ATI Radeon HD 5900 Series
Driver version: 458766.655664
Driver ID's: 4098 26780 55185475 0
PS: 3.0
VS: 3.0
DXC_Gfx init(Time:1.47, free sysmem:1861)
Free video mem: 3791 MB(Time:1.47, free sysmem:1861)
DXC_Input init(Time:2.14, free sysmem:1963)
DXC_Keybord init(Time:2.16, free sysmem:1958)
DXC_Mouse init(Time:2.17, free sysmem:1958)
Fonts init(Time:2.21, free sysmem:1958)
OpenAL sound device with 32 resources created(Time:2.27, free sysmem:1955)
VMR9 VideoPlayer initilised(Time:2.27, free sysmem:1955)
Program init(Time:2.27, free sysmem:1955)
Avencast Version: v1.04 - Tue May 6 10:37:56 2008(Time:2.30, free sysmem:1954)
GameCtrl created(Time:2.34, free sysmem:1944)
PlayVideo: sequences\clockstone_logoanima.wmv at pos:-1.0(Time:2.40, free sysmem:1941)
PlayVideo: sequences\avencast_logoanima.wmv at pos:-1.0(Time:22.96, free sysmem:1951)
Combos loaded(Time:25.93, free sysmem:1931)
Inputs created(Time:25.93, free sysmem:1931)
Shaders loaded(Time:26.34, free sysmem:1911)
Actions loaded(Time:26.57, free sysmem:1906)
Strategies loaded(Time:26.60, free sysmem:1906)
View init(Time:26.67, free sysmem:1902)
Sounds loaded(Time:26.72, free sysmem:1879)
Gui field init(Time:27.58, free sysmem:1888)
item.cfg files loaded(Time:27.61, free sysmem:1887)
General Items loaded(Time:27.71, free sysmem:1887)
Treasure list loaded(Time:27.72, free sysmem:1887)
Trying to start game menu(Time:27.72, free sysmem:1887)
Game menu gui initialised(Time:27.74, free sysmem:1887)
Save game list loaded(Time:27.74, free sysmem:1887)
Load game(Time:38.64, free sysmem:1878)
Savegame version: v1.04(Time:38.64, free sysmem:1878)
Try to load vsd file levels\seminarrooms\main_seminarrooms.vsd(Time:40.00, free sysmem:1871)
LevelStuff freed(Time:40.00, free sysmem:1868)
LoadFile() done(Time:40.07, free sysmem:1863)
Vsd textures loaded(Time:40.07, free sysmem:1862)
Floor init(Time:40.08, free sysmem:1862)
texture TexList created(Time:40.08, free sysmem:1862)
AllocLevelStuff() done(Time:41.80, free sysmem:1854)
VSD file 'levels\seminarrooms\main_seminarrooms.vsd' loaded(Time:41.81, free sysmem:1854)
VSD objects synchronized (148)(Time:41.83, free sysmem:1854)
LoadLevel: save\WasDrogan\save99\seminarrooms.cfg.ld(Time:41.83, free sysmem:1854)
Anicycle set 'Human' loaded (0.07 sec)(Time:44.83, free sysmem:1760)
Anicycle set 'Severin' loaded (0.06 sec)(Time:46.65, free sysmem:1693)
Anicycle set 'Gorlin' loaded (0.02 sec)(Time:47.81, free sysmem:1648)
Anicycle set 'Human2' loaded (0.00 sec)(Time:48.28, free sysmem:1626)
Anicycle set 'Imp' loaded (0.01 sec)(Time:49.07, free sysmem:1611)
Anicycle set 'Rat' loaded (0.01 sec)(Time:50.13, free sysmem:1566)
Walls calculated(Time:50.51, free sysmem:1545)
Walls created(Time:50.77, free sysmem:1542)
Light map calculated(Time:50.78, free sysmem:1543)
Savegame of level levels\seminarrooms\main_seminarrooms.vsd loaded with hero at pos (2283,2333)(Time:50.78, free sysmem:1543)
Warning:WorldCtrl: Areas covered by more than 3 visibility objects(Time:51.19, free sysmem:1546)
Visibility map calculated(Time:51.19, free sysmem:1546)
Player Stats: WasDrogan
Total played : 30min 0sec
Time Active: 13min 21sec
Action Ratio: 35%
Movement Ratio: 42%
Gui Ratio: 21%
Dodge count: 11
Roll count: 85
Damage received: 54
Damage dealt: 1900
Mana used: 823
Enemies killed: 69
Game Time: 1800
Control type: Follow mode
C_D_Horizontal_01: 7
F_S_Point_00: 187
F_S_Wave_01: 16
HRight_1: 62
HLeft_1: 47
Punchleft: 3
Punch: 1
VDiagTop: 49
VBottom4: 39
VDiagTop_1: 35
VBottom4_b: 2
Save game(Time:98.80, free sysmem:1517)
save\WasDrogan\save99\player.pd saved(Time:98.80, free sysmem:1517)
Save level(Time:98.80, free sysmem:1517)
levels\seminarrooms\seminarrooms.cfg saved(Time:98.91, free sysmem:1515)
Save game(Time:114.48, free sysmem:1515)
save\WasDrogan\current\player.pd saved(Time:114.48, free sysmem:1515)
Save level(Time:114.48, free sysmem:1515)
levels\seminarrooms\seminarrooms.cfg saved(Time:114.59, free sysmem:1515)
Try to load vsd file levels\garden\main_garden.vsd(Time:114.64, free sysmem:1516)
LevelStuff freed(Time:114.65, free sysmem:1539)
LoadFile() done(Time:114.69, free sysmem:1535)
Vsd textures loaded(Time:114.69, free sysmem:1535)
Floor init(Time:114.69, free sysmem:1535)
Warning:WorldCtrl: Not all objects found in cfg(Time:114.69, free sysmem:1535)
texture TexList created(Time:114.70, free sysmem:1535)
Error:DXC_Texture: Unsupported texture compression format for GetCompressedPix()(Time:114.88, free sysmem:1535)
DXC_Error caught. level:levels\garden\garden.cfg;heropos:3155,4185(Time:114.88, free sysmem:1535)
GameDeinit(Time:114.90, free sysmem:1546)
WorldCtrl freed(Time:114.90, free sysmem:1563)
WorldCtrl freed(Time:115.07, free sysmem:1857)
SoundManager deinit(Time:115.21, free sysmem:1909)
DXC_Mouse deinit(Time:115.21, free sysmem:1909)
DXC_Keyboard(Time:115.21, free sysmem:1909)
Fonts deinit(Time:115.21, free sysmem:1910)
DXC_Input deinit(Time:115.21, free sysmem:1910)
DXC_VideoPlayer deinit(Time:115.26, free sysmem:1910)
DXC_Gfx deinit(Time:115.26, free sysmem:1913)
Program finish(Time:121.79, free sysmem:1887)

 Post subject: Re: Error:DXC_Texture
PostPosted: Thu Nov 25, 2010 12:35 pm 

Joined: Thu Nov 25, 2010 7:53 am
Posts: 2
re-installing the game seems to have fixed this issue, although i am running it windowed now, so i dont know if that would affect it

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