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 Post subject: Just finished the game...
PostPosted: Tue Jun 29, 2010 6:18 pm 

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Just wanted to drop in and thank the developers for making a very nice game. I have to admit the controls were a bit awkward initially...I'm used to the more traditional mouse drive "diablo-clone" controls, but once I got the hang of it they actually work pretty well. Anyways, I really enjoyed the game and thought a lot of the ideas and their implementation were done very well. While I am not a story guy (I usually skip through most games) I enjoyed it and liked the illustrated cut scenes. The action was fun too, and spells looked really great and felt like they were powerful.

Just a quick run through of what I thought was nice:

-Item system...decent amount of loot
-Skill/magic system had some great spells
-Enemies were challenging and had varying tactics/movement/strength
-Story was presented very well and coherent
-Attractive visuals and nice art style
-LOVED the side quests and puzzles...much more than your average "go here and get X" stuff
-Evolution of spells with investment...I like how some spells were in a line that evolved as you invested in that line...both in damage and effectiveness
-Nice sound effects and cool music

Things I think could be improved:

-Perhaps a deeper skill system with more options...especially in the summoning department
-Better variety in items. Would have loved to see uniques/set items/artifacts with unique stats and attributes
-While the enemies were cool in general, perhaps a bit more variety
-Add special effects like criticals
-More environmental interaction. I think it would have been cool if the spells interacted with the environment in some way
-Better indication of what is searchable...I found myself randomly pressing 'e' to see if loot was inside something...it's not always clear what is searchable and in some cases even the same type of object would be searchable in one room, and not in another room.
-The 'battle music' for entering into combat sometimes gets a bit annoying...the way it fades in and out get's repetitive sometimes

Anyways, just wanted to say thanks and how much I enjoyed the game. I had never heard of Clockstone prior to this and think you guys did a great job with Avencast. Are there any plans for new games? I would LOVE to see a game similar to Avencast (and it's control scheme) but with different characters as well. I think the controls would be really awesome if you could also choose a Knight (or something) and cut stuff up with a sword and shield :)

 Post subject: Re: Just finished the game...
PostPosted: Wed Jun 30, 2010 8:37 am 
Kyranian Master

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Hi Renevent,

Thanks for this very constructive and supporting feedback! We would love to make a sequel to game and we already have a number of ideas. I fully understand your point of view regarding the list of "things that could be improved" and I feel confident we could make thinks better for a possible sequel. Please don't forget that the game design decision we had to make for Avencast were also determined by the very limited budget. Let's hope that our situation will be better for Avencast 2 !

Cheers 8)


 Post subject: Re: Just finished the game...
PostPosted: Fri Jul 02, 2010 6:03 am 

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About the controls... I absolutely totally loved the controls. I prefer it over the typical diablo click on the monsters and to move deal (hate when it moves me closer as a ranged class when I misclick). I set mine up sort of like a MMORPG style, WASD to move and strafe and mouse to turn and aim. It fit my playstyle so perfectly.

I played Space Siege and thought, this game's controls are the worst and didn't even give it a chance, despite being a Chris Taylor fan.

Now I'm just checking out the place again to see if there's anything new after noticing the game was on sale on Steam for real cheap. A sequel is definitely good news. I totally recommended the game to others. Hope you guys enjoy the viral advertising.

I just found a game with similar controls to hold me over until the next Avencast. Alien Breed: Impact. IMO, this should of been how Space Siege played. So far, I prefer Avencast's battles over this one's ambush out of no where style, but it's fairly neat. It reminds me of Aliens and Gears of War in one, except that the enemy's fighting style don't really bring out a battle that let you use the best in the control system, since you can shoot while moving.

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