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 Post subject: Introductions and rumblepad 2 profile
PostPosted: Tue Sep 28, 2010 2:50 pm 

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First and foremost. Hi everybody.

I just registered here after getting this game. I decided say thanks to the clockstone team. I can't believed I missed this little GEM of a game until now. This is the sort of game that I have been looking for, for a while now. Meaning a game that has high intensity action but doesn't sacrifice RPG elements in the process. The game plays almost like a 3rd party action adventure, but its a typical RPG so its a nice enigma in the game line up. You have a winner here and I hope you continue to make games, and even consider a sequel.

I love the double tap rolls, and dodge feature. I love the free targeting, with the ability to lock with the shift button. And I love pulling off combos to cast spells. FANTASTIC!!

The only cons I have are this

-No native gamepad support - a game with this much intensity deserves to be played with a gamepad. I'll get back to this later as I have created an xpadder profile which takes care of this for anyone interested.

-Limited view angle. Even with the mod in the sticky which improves this, this game could stand to have the ability to look up.

-Some screen artifacts here and there.

-Collision detection should be better in melee. I understand this game is using more of a top down rpg engine, but because of your ingenious methods taking this into more of an action game. If this had better collision and/or close range targeting with the melee staff attacks, the game play would be near perfect. I actually think this would take the blood mage class with all of its close range combos into a whole nother level.

Keep up the good work clockstone. I'm looking forward to future products from you.

 Post subject: Re: Introductions and rumblepad 2 profile
PostPosted: Tue Sep 28, 2010 3:45 pm 

Joined: Tue Sep 28, 2010 6:39 am
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Part 2

I felt like this game could be played with a gamepad. And I saw a couple of posts asking about gamepad support.

I'm an xpadder user. So I created this personal profile to play the game using a rumblepad 2 wireless using xpadder. You can still find the free version online 5.6 google free xpadder or go to xpadder's site to get the latest version and pay the 10 bucks.

The button assignments are as follows.
    lt thumbstick - WASD (the double tap rolls work)
    rt thumbstick - mouse movement (to click and drag push lf thumbstick in and drag with the rt stick)

    up - I (inventory)
    down - push once for C (character sheet), twice for K (spell tree), thrice to close
    left - toggle map
    right - Push once for L (log) Push twice for H (help) thrice to close.

    1 - E(interact)
    2 - left mouse
    3 - right mouse
    4 - Space(Dodge/Pickup items)
    5(lt trigger) - toggle Spell quickslots (function keys)
    6((rt trigger) - shift (center camera)
    7(lt Button) - toggle quickslots(1-3)
    8(rt button) - ctrl/F/toggle zoom (rotate camera, highlight objects, use dpad to adjust zoom)
    9(select) - esc
    10(start) - P + O (push once to pause, twice to open options, 3 times to unpause)
    11(lt thumbstick push) - left mouse (I did this so its easier to click and drag inventory items)
    12(rt thumbstick push) - V (toggle chase cam)

    Additional functions
    F1 - Hold lt trigger(5) + button 1
    F2 - " " + button 2
    F3 - " " + button 3
    F4 - " " + button 4
    F5 - " " + D-Pad lt
    F8 - " " + D-Pad down
    F9 - " " + D-Pad Rt
    F10 - " "+ D-Pad up

    1 - hold lt button(7) + button 1
    2 - "" "" + button 2
    3 - "" "" + button 3

    Control/zoom functions
    Hold button rt button(8) and use Dpad.
    Up and down acts like mouse wheel for in and out, left /right is pg up and pg dn for angle adjust.
    Quick save - hold rt button(8) + lt thumbstick push (11)
    Quick load - hold rt button(8) + rt thumbstick push (12)

Note For some reason I messed up my f6 and f7 buttons, they were assigned to save and load.
I tried to use them for the spell quickslots, they didn't work for that. And then I was unable to reassign those keys to save and load. So to use quick save and load and the spell quickslots. Go into your options and make the following adjustments.
Save = ,
Load = .
spell 5 = f5
spell 6 = f8
spell 7 = f9
spell 8 =f10

I hope those of you who are interested enjoy this profile

File comment: Xpadder profile and rumblestick config
xpadder_gamepad_profiler.rar [1.5 KiB]
Downloaded 395 times
 Post subject: Re: Introductions and rumblepad 2 profile
PostPosted: Fri Oct 01, 2010 4:27 pm 
Kyranian Master

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Actually we are currently working on a new concept for a possible sequel to Avencast. Thanks for this helpful feedback - we will consider your suggestions!

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