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The Official Avencast 'Hall of Fame' Demo Competition!

Sponsored by Sound Blaster®

The tournament has closed! Congratulations to all winners! Thank you for everyone participating! Check out the final ranking and the winners below.


Contest details

One of the features of Avencast are your fame points. It is a score evaluating your battle skills. Try to avoid being hit and use your spells with maximum effect to gain lots of points. If you beat the game, your hero will appear in the game's Hall of Fame where you can compare your scores to those of other characters. If you have your Fame Points Display activated while playing, you can permanently observe your current competence in gaining fame points. Creative Technology, ClockStone Software and Lighthouse Interactive are now looking for the most famous adept among all Avencast demo players!


The winners:

And the winners are... Let's hear it for:

  • 1st Prize –  1 qty. Sound Blaster® XtremeGamer™ sound card: Atina
  • 2nd Prize – 1 qty. Sound Blaster® XtremeGamer™ sound card: MilConDoin2
  • 3rd Prize – 1 qty. Sound Blaster® XtremeGamer™ sound card: BunnyHunter
  • 4th Prize – 1 qty. Sound Blaster® XtremeGamer™ sound card: YankeeF

Plus 5 winners by random draw, each receiving a deck of Avencast branded cards:

  • OvEr_KiLL
  • Opki
  • Eagle
  • Tomas

The 1st and 2nd prizes have been awarded to the top 2 players with the highest "fame scores." The 3rd and 4th prizes have been awarded by random draw among the Top 20 best players. The 5 winners of the Avencast decks of playing cards have been allocated by random draw among the Top 100 players.

A big thank you to all the players who participated.



  • Contest Dates: Tuesday, January 22, 2008 to Tuesday, February 5, 2008 (inclusive)
  • Winners Notified via Email: Friday, February 8, 2008 (3 days after contest closes)
  • Winners Deadline for Replying: Wednesday, February 13, 2008 (5 days after notification email sent)
  • Winners Posted to Avencast Website: Thursday, February 14, 2008
  • Ship Date for Prizes: Monday, February 18, 2008

Tournament Monitor


Final Ranking Avencast 'Hall of Fame' Demo Competition - Top 20 List

As of February 8, 2008

1. Atina: 4853

2. MilConDoin2: 4788

3. mazling 3: 4700

4. Milgalis: 4614

5. Dumbledore: 4448

6. Creeping Death5: 4375

7. Andazeus: 4337

8. BunnyHunter: 4172

9. Saberos: 3907

10. NEMESIS 2: 3821

11. the dude: 3703

12. YankeeF: 3296

13. Alumini: 2479

14. Fakktory: 2067

15. Tadek: 1875

16. OvEr_KiLL: 1796

17. Hades: 1647

18: Opki: 1288

19: Olzkool: 1123

20: Thomas: 925


Congratulations to the top 20 players! 

Yes, I need a decent dose of dynamic and exciting monster butt kicking. So you better let me

                        download the Avencast demo now! (~300MB)

Alternative Download Links



GZDownloads      4players      fileshack      filefront 

* All links lead to the English Demo (site language may be different) *

Developers' Notes

Quick Info

To have a quick overview of the controls at hand you will find a Quick Info page in the demo package. You can also download it here.

Spell Casting

You might be inclined to create shortcut keys for your spells. This is fine. However, if you really want to rock'n'roll you will opt for the key combinations. Why? Because you never have to quit the movement keys and you can access all your spells at any time.

* Special Hint: Using shortcut keys comes in handy if you want to use a spell and its upgrade at the same time. Put the basic spell on a shortcut and execute the upgrade with your keys! *

Camera Modes

You can choose between the novice control, the expert control and the follow camera mode. Many people might feel more comfortable with the novice control or the follow camera mode, especially in the beginning. The game was however originally designed for the expert control mode. This one is more difficult to get into at the beginning but allows for a lot faster movement control when combat starts getting hot.

The Old Demo

Make sure you do not mix up our old beta demo with the actual one! It might happen that you stumble upon a ~52MB file from June 2005. This is the ooooold beta demo. It is in fact a complete nice little game and some of you might fall in love with it. We love it, too, but it is NOT the actual demo!

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