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Creatures of Avencast

We want to present two creatures to you that have been prominent fixtures at the magic academy of Avencast for a very long time. As a matter of fact, one probably couldn't imagine this place without them. One of these creatures can be found in the garden of Avencast, the other exists in its natural habitat in the legendary Crystal Caves, which Avencast was built upon.


Killer Branches

Mankind has never laid eyes upon such an unusual species of plant as this. They originated from Nujao trees from the faraway kingdom of Yuan. For the most part of the year, one can delight in their beauty; however, when the season changes, their branches drop, and they become savage killers. They inconspicuously encircle their prey, and then launch an astonishing attack by stabbing, scratching and clubbing their victims to death.


Crystal Crab (Lanius morosus, the Sulky Butcher)

Vibrations of a magical atmosphere pervade the air in the Crystal Caves, filling them with an eerie but enchanting musical melody. When the clattering sounds of assailing Crystal Crabs mixes with these supernal harmonies, it may already be too late for the unwary listener. When the razor sharp shears of these malignant vermin have you in their clutch, they will excise the most succulent parts of your body. Cave explorers who have managed to survive their attacks have reported the horrific encounters with these perfidious crustaceans. It is told that small groups of Crystal Crabs are able to overcome full-grown men and drag them into their slick recesses where they dismember and eat them alive.


The Unholy Army of Morgath

While some of the creatures around the Avencast academy are certainly no light threat themselves, they unfortunately pale in comparison to these unwanted visitors that are about to bring doom to Avencast: The demon lord Morgath and his unholy army, some of the most vicious and ruthless monsters that you will ever meet.

Background Story - The birth of Morgath's army of demons

Morgath's rise to power began after a mighty king facing defeat by his enemies was offered a mysterious mask with powers that promised victory. He declined this offer; however, his general, Harrassys, could not bear the threat of destruction, and secretly took the item.

In the heat of battle, the king's legions were outnumbered and on the brink of defeat. Harrassys donned the mask and entered the battlefield. As promised, the powers of the mask delivered him and the king's legions to victory, but its powers were all-consuming, and the soldiers became fierce and bloodthirsty. They exacted revenge on their enemies by completely destroying their people and empires. When Harrassys tried to remove the mask, he discovered he could not. Eventually its evil curse turned him and his army into abominable, bestial monsters, revealing its true purpose.

It was Morgath himself who created that mask, and by accepting the offer, Harrassys and his comrades were damned forever. Their bodies became disfigured, and their souls were bound to serve under the command of Morgath until the end of time. Strengthened by such an unholy army, Morgath the demon lord would grow more powerful than ever, and ceaseless bloodshed would ensue for centuries to come.


The Demon Herder and his band of Demon Rippers

When the theurgists and healers of Harrassys' host fell into the hands of the dark prince, their bodies were macerated, and all that remained in place of their heads were gaunt pates. With a poisoned breath, Morgath emaciated them and brought their corpses back to life, turning them into Demon Herders. As shamans of the shadows, they are now the conjurers and healers of the dark army. Their thirst for pain constantly urges them to seek out new victims. From behind the lines, they hurl burning skulls at their enemies, and defend themselves with paralyzing ice spells.

Moreover, they command bands of dreadful claw-pawed beasts known as Demon Rippers. Demon Herders incessantly drive these dog-like servants to hunt their prey with an incredible celerity and thirst for blood. Emerging from the shadows, they will suddenly spring upon their target with their claws ready to rip their enemies to shreds.


Insidious Demon Maggots and evil Scarab spawn

Nobody exactly knows if these winged invertebrates really stemmed from Morgath's army of demons, or if it is the sinister power of pure evil that turned guileless insect creatures into mucilaginous monsters. The Demon Maggots tend to linger in close proximity of demonic appearances, and seemingly benefit from the carnage. They relentlessly lay eggs, spawning evil Scarabs. These scavengers destroy and devour all that is left over by the dark army!


Massive "Belly Sucking" Wolgaths

The Wolgurd were once enormous warriors from the Northern tribes who fought under the command of General Harrassys. After their souls had been sold to Morgath, they were incarnated by the Gremlins of Hatred who slipped into their bodies, taking complete control over their entire being. Morgath now calls these creatures Wolgaths. The salivating heads of the Gremlins protrude from the bellies of their hosts. They suck victims into close proximity of the Wolgaths' deadly cleavers, which mercilessly bash and slash their enemies to pieces. Wolgaths are robust and tough opponents. When they appear, their dark lord is not far behind.


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