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Press Quotes

"...a very well-done game..." (8.3 of 10)

"Avencast is to the aRPG what Oni was to the FPS… a game that redefines the genre with fresh control mechanics and gameplay that is new and interesting."

"This game is ideal for RPG fans that also like action games that require a bit of keyboard + mouse dexterity."

"Avencast has a great soundtrack."

"Combat: This is where Avencast really shines. Watching your character dive roll out of the way of a flaming skull, freeze the enemy with a Soul magic blast and then charge in and finish them off with a Blood magic Rage attack was super cool and pretty easy to get the hang of."

"Avencast rewards the thinker too. Fun puzzles abound in the game."

"...impressed with ClockStone's first major release."  (81%)

"If you're looking for a short, fun, single-player romp through magical realms on your PC, this game is a great choice to satisfy that urge."

"How does this game look? In a word: beautiful."

"Character models are decent, and some of the monster designs struck me as unique. [...] Dungeon/environment design was also strong..."

"Lighthouse Interactive found good folk to have these archmages and daemons sound just the way you'd imagine they ought to sound."

"Lighthouse Interactive promotes this game as a fast-paced Action RPG. And that's exactly what it is. [...] the battles play out in a fun and fast-paced way."

"...overall, this game is a huge success, especially as a first-timer's project."


"In a word, FUN!" (81%)

"...the gameplay and fun factor are of exceptional quality."

"Everything ties together to make a solid product [...] that I will recommend for anybody looking for a dose of Action RPG goodness."

"...the character models are done nicely as well as the level layouts. The daemons have an interesting and distinct look to them..."

"Don't miss out on this gem..."

"...presents both challenge and entertainment."  (78%)

"This is a game with some solid concepts that will not only provide a bit of challenge, but a fair share of entertainment as well."

"The level design is really pretty good and there is treasure to be had in some out-of-the-way places."

"The AI seems to understand use cover, when available, en route to attacking you. This is a nice bit of programming."

"The special effects are nicely handled, as are the lighting and shadows. The environments set a nice mood and the character animations work well."

"The sound is a decent supporting element, with a nice musical score and decent monster noises."

Review in PC Gamer Magazine (April 2008)

"...a magically entertaining spellcasting experience..." (78%)

"I don't know if it's the creativity of the scripting and puzzles, the crisp and colorful graphics, or the emotive soundtrack, but Avencast simply feels more immersive than many game worlds."

"...a good dose of puzzle-solving to keep things fresh."

"The game also offers up a spicy selection of foes - enough to keep you bobbing and weaving while zinging spells at your enemies."

"...Avencast is a strong action-RPG with more than enought magic to cast an entertaining spell."

"...Avencast is something special."

"While the graphics may be very good, some of the spell effects are simply over the top."

"It combines a very strong main story line with accents via puzzles, quests, riddles and lots of fast paced action."

"Avencast: Rise of the Mage is quite possibly the best Action RPG I have ever played."

" entertaining and often innovative take on RPG subgenres that will reward any role-playing fan who seeks it out." (75%)

"Most enemies have ranged attacks, too, and do a lot of damage in short order during melee combat, which prevents you from playing Conan and hacking your way through the monstrous mobs. Instead, you generally bounce around like an acrobat, avoiding projectiles like flaming skulls and boulders while ripping off magical bolts of your own..."

"...the many riddles serve to more thoroughly immerse you in the gameworld and make the game feel like more of a traditional RPG epic than a hack-and-slash, despite the arcade-oriented combat."

"...considerable storytelling flair has been added through the dramatic, sepia-toned artwork used in cutscenes."

" Avencast balances the action-oriented and traditional RPG genres better than you might expect."

Review at

"...a great game, which I enjoyed to the fullest extent of the word." (3 of 4 stars)

"I know what you are thinking “oh no, not another Diablo clone”. But this one is actually a lot cooler. "

"The AI of the enemies is actually very impressive which makes for a very challenging game. Bravo! "

"This game has a totally new idea as far as casting spells is concerned."

"The graphics and sound of this game mix the right amount of flash and flare in all aspects."

"It actually has complicated puzzles on top of a Diabloesque shell. Much fun to be had. "

"It's not hard to recommend this game to PC RPG fans..." B- (75%)

"...decent lighting, excellent spell animations and a cast of monsters that are visually stimulating and well crafted."

"...a unique action-centric gaming experience coupled with some interesting puzzle solving..."

"The hook [...] is that this game allows you to cast spells by doing combos not unlike a fighting game."

"The puzzles are what really makes this game shine because they require multiple steps and break up the action."


Avencast Reviews Worldwide  81% 4 of 5 stars 80% 80%

FOK!games (NL): 80% 80% 79% 78% 77% 7.5/10 75% 73%                                              Get Avencast!                              

"...shaping up to be a hugely involving and attractive title."

"The world you're thrust into is pure fantasy and provides an absorbing and visceral backdrop for what's shaping up to be an exciting title come the late October release."

"You'll be challenged by each new enemy you face, as some are also more vulnerable to soul or blood magic, and taking out an enemy with a well placed spell is extremely satisfying knowing that it's got that personal touch."

"It's truly a charming place: one that I was genuinely unhappy to be leaving behind due to it's warmth, atmosphere and jovial familiarity."

"It's hugely accomplished and terrifically charming, and is released in October. Search out a copy and invest – you won't regret it, even if it does sometimes sound like an episode of Emmerdale."

"This isn't the Diablo clone you were expecting"

"But while Avencast: Rise of the Mage looks like another "me too" Diablo clone, it's trying something different with controls, combat, and cutscenes, and we like what we see."

"When we see games from smaller developers we're used to seeing poorly drawn comics or less than stellar animation in cutscenes. But Avencast features some really impressive cutscenes with layered hand drawn images in sepia."

"With its FPS-like control scheme Avencast might potentially hit the nail - Richard Garriott's shooter/MMORPG, Tabula Rasa has been aiming for - on the head."

"[...], Avencast: Rise of the Mage will be a title that any lover of loot and leveling up should keep their eye on."

" enthralling and unique gaming experience."

 "A game like this can often fall back on looking pretty as a way to set itself apart from the crowd, and Avencast holds up pretty well on this front. [...] Avencast Academy is well designed, with light shimmers in just the right places to give an otherworldly feel without unnecessarily disorienting the player."

"In between quests, the story is being told through a series of artwork slides instead of the usual pre-rendered cut scenes, which fit quite well with the overall atmosphere of the game."

"Clockstone isn't trying to make a completely individual work in the much-filled fantasy RPG genre, but they're trying to take existing elements and merge them into a distinct, tightly made effort. From its top-pace combat scheme to its honed magic system, Avencast is solidly succeeding at this objective."

"Here's hoping that Clockstone's launch succeeds and we see more works out of them."

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