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12/11 2007

Avencast trailer

A rumour goes that there will be a new Avencast trailer out very soon. Keep your eyes open for this jewel!

30/10 2007

Mightiest adept of them all...

Some people in Aldgarth talk about a competition that is going to be held. It is about the magic demo, they whisper. Who will be the most famous adept of them all? Keep your ears open and learn how to fight respectably, all ye adepts out there! It is said that the one with the highest demo score will be prized by the High Council of Archmages...

30/10 2007

Peek #3 at RPG Vault

Another sneak peek is in the pipeline for IGN's RPG Vault. I heard it is about the magic system in Avencast. Keep your eyes open for it!

11/10 2007

Demo? Demo? Demo?

Will there be finally an Avencast demo? I heard something about a nice demo version for you to check out our dynamic and exciting combat system. So you better watch out. I feel that it will come soon. Very soon...

09/10 2007

English Gold Master within reach?

Lately we delivered a very promising English release candidate to Lighthouse Interactive and are now feverishly awaiting their answer. Could this be the Avencast Gold Master for the English version? Cross your fingers and stay tuned!

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